Project Description

Flow rate 1.9 to 5 mÑ/min

e-power– The alternative, emissions-free drive for portable compressors

The new M 27E, M 31E and M 50E portable compressors truly come into their own wherever an electrical power connection is available. Their whisper-quiet electric drive makes them the perfect choice for use in noise protection and low emission zones. Compressed air applications in tunnels and within buildings are tamed by the compressors’ emissions-free drive. Featuring IE3 premium effi ciency motors suitable for on-site use with IP55 protection and Class F insulation, the road-going compressors are an excellent choice for fl exible bridging of industrial compressor stations, for example when performing service work, thanks to their low energy and maintenance costs.

Intelligent compressor control SIGMA CONTROL SMART
Desired maximum pressure is easy to adjust in steps of 0.1 bar at the press of a button. Protected by a durable next service and reports faults such as, for example, reversed poles when connecting the electrical supply, which can be simply corrected via the commutator switch fitted as standard.

On-board compressed air treatment 
The patented Anti-Frost Control is included as standard equipment. The compressor units can be optionally equipped with a compressed air aftercooler to provide cool and condensate-free compressed air. Accumulated condensate is collected in a canister to safeguard to the environment. Furthermore, the M 27E and M 31E models are available with a plate heat exchanger to enable compressed air reheating.

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