Project Description

Ultra-high purity nitrogen generators

The technologically advanced nano GEN2 nitrogen generator operates on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle to produce a continuous uninterrupted stream of nitrogen gas from clean dry compressed air. 

Pairs of dual chamber extruded aluminum columns are filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). Joined via an upper and lower manifold, the high density filled columns produce a two bed system. 

Clean, dry compressed air enters through the inlet manifold to the bottom of the ‘online’ bed and flows up through the CMS to separate the compressed air where oxygen and other trace gases are preferentially adsorbed. The nitrogen then passes through the supporting bed layer and outlet manifold to the buffer vessel and a nano F1 buffer vessel filter before re-entering the GEN2 nitrogen generator for purity monitoring. 

After a pre-set time the control system automatically switches the beds. One bed is always online generating nitrogen while the other is being regenerated. 

During regeneration, the oxygen that has been collected in the CMS stage is exhausted to atmosphere. A small portion of the outlet nitrogen gas is expanded into the bed to accelerate the regeneration process. 


PLC controlled operation 
Each GEN2 nitrogen generator is operated by a reliable PLC control system with digital and analog (optional) outputs for remote monitoring and alarm capabilities. GEN2 includes an easy-to-operate touch screen graphical interface which offers valuable features including ‘power on’, ‘hours run’, ‘oxygen purity’, ‘pressure’, ‘online column’ and ‘service required’ indicators. In addition, four pressure gauges provide the operator with continuous indication of column A, column B, air inlet and nitrogen outlet pressures. 

Oxygen analyser 
A built in oxygen analyser continuously monitors the oxygen concentration in the nitrogen stream. Our new remote mounted analyser utlises world leading sensor technology to give a more reliable measurement, faster response time and longer life compared to traditional analysers. Incorporated into the PLC controls, our oxygen analyser guarantees downstream purity levels are consistently achieved and maintained. 

Ecomode energy saving control 
This unique control feature utilises an outlet pressure monitor to reduce energy consumption during periods of low demand to ensure a continuous uninterrupted nitrogen supply while minimising power consumption. 

Reliable high performance valves 
Inlet, outlet and exhaust valves are managed through unique integrated nano piston valves, which are designed for reliability, long service life and ease of maintenance. The generator also incorporates adjustable equalisation valves which smooth the column switch over, improve air/nitrogen ratios and extend CMS life. This highly durable valve system is backed by a comprehensive two year warranty. 

Multi-bank design 
The unique multi-bank design enables additional generators to be added in the future as demand increases. Your GEN2 nitrogen generator can grow with your company. 

Maximum corrosion protection 
High tensile aluminum columns are first corrosion protected and then powder coated to provide maximum protection for all environments. 

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