Project Description

Flow rate 1.1 to 17.5 mÑ/min, Pressure 5.5 to 15 bar

CSD(X) – Even more efficient

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN pushes the boundaries of compressed air efficiency once again with its latest generation of CSD(X) series rotary screw compressors. Not only do the further optimised CSD(X) compressors deliver more compressed air for less energy, but they also combine ease of use and maintenance with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design.

CSD(X) – Multiple savings

The newly refined CSD(X) systems save energy in multiple ways: the compressor airends are equipped with the further optimised SIGMA PROFILE rotors and are controlled and monitored via the industrial-PC-based SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller. This advanced controller matches compressed air delivery to actual demand and uses dynamic control to keep costly idling time to an absolute minimum.

Variable speed control with synchronous reluctance motor

The new synchronous reluctance motor combines the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous motors in one drive system. The motor contains no aluminium, copper or costly rare earth magnets, which makes the drive durable and service-friendly. In addition, the functional principle minimises motor heat losses resulting in significantly lower bearing temperatures. This ensures significantly extended bearing and motor service life. In conjunction with the perfectly matched frequency converter, the synchronous reluctance motor also delivers superior performance compared to an asynchronous motor when it comes to losses, especially in the partial load range.

Perfect partners

CSD(X) series rotary screw compressors are the perfect partners for high-efficiency industrial compressed air stations. The internal SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller offers various communication channels, which allows seamless connection with advanced master controllers, such as KAESER’s SIGMA AIR MANAGER, and in-house centralised control systems. This enables simple setup and achieves unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Electronic Thermo Management (ETM)

Powered via an electric motor, the sensor-controlled temperature control valve integrated into the cooling circuit is the heart of the innovative Electronic Thermo Management system. The new SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller monitors intake and compressor temperature in order to prevent condensate formation, even with differing air humidity conditions. Moreover, the ETM system dynamically keeps fluid temperatures as low as possible enables end users to better adapt heat recovery systems to suit their specific needs.

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